Bloggers Wanted!

Hello fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs out there I have a proposal to offer.

My company is looking for entrepreneurs and people with a lot to say to start blogs. We are offering a joint venture into the blogging world and are opening a limited time offer to anyone interested in starting a blog. Here are the steps.

  1. Choose a domain name (you can give you a sub domain)
  2. Decide on a blog topic and choose your theme.
  3. We will setup, host, maintain and manage ad campaigns on the blog.
  4. You post and promote your blog daily.
  5. Thats it! We also offer you an advertising revenue sharing model using un obtrusive profit generating ad campaigns.

Benefits are great, at no cost to you to start your blog, HUGE potential for income writing a couple of posts per day. No hassle with hosting companies or managing plugins, databases, ad campaigns WE WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

Best of all any blogs that are operating under this model will also be linked to ALL the other blogs in the network using the blogroll. The more blogs there are the higher your traffic will be, the higher the traffic the more you make from ad revenue.

This is a limited time offer Mk2 Business Solutions is offering so contact us today for more information.



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