Internet Marketing is it real or just Hype?


It today’s internet world we are bombarded with emails, Facebook ads and the like – many of these ads are images of young people standing beside Ferarri’s, Porsche’s and other exotic cars parked in front of Malibu mansions.

The headlines read “Buy my book and I will teach you to make a million dollars on the internet – Just like I did…

I have consistently blown these off as I thought them to be the same as the smooth talking dude on late night TV with there get rich quick offers available for the next 2 hours CALL NOW!.

Well for the most part I think I have saved myself thousands of dollars not buying any of these products. BUT What if these guys are not full of $%^&*@ what if there is money to be made on the internet?

I had never met anyone that is actually making money with these systems and programs until now. Sitting in my office slaving away at client work and desperately trying to drum up more business for my Web Design company was a constant in my life. Sure I was living the good life – no boss, own the company blah blah blah, the good life also comes with a price – COUNTLESS HOURS OF SLAVE WORK!!! It was starting to feel like a regular old job but without benefits or a guaranteed paycheck.

So there I was and in walks this dressed down guy from down the hall (he has seen my flyer in the building offering my services). To make a long story short I take a look at one of his websites (it was honestly a crappy looking site) – and guess what he was one of those guys.

” Look at me I make lots of money on the Internet telling people how to make lots of money on the Internet”

Needless to say I blew the guy off and continued my work – later that day I was heading out and see the guy in the parking lot getting into his $100K car as I walk to my little Honda Civic parked a few cars away.

I decided to strike up a conversation with him and apologize for basically be a skeptical “Prick” when he showed me what he was doing online. What do you know this guy was one of the nicest guys I have ever met – he explains to me that hes used to that kind of reaction from people when he tells them what he does so he avoids talking about his business with people.

We talked for over a hour about what he does and what I do… Later that week we met again (honestly I just wanted to tell him about a project I was working on hoping he might buy a copy for his business!) well he loved the idea and asked if I wanted to do¬† a Joint Venture to promote it when it was finished.

Out pops my skepticism again I’ve been burned too many times with “Joint Venture” – to date they had all ended up as I work my a$$ off while the other party does jack and keeps asking why there is no money coming in from the project. I asked my self a few simple questions:

  • This time had to be different right?
  • This guy is legit I’ve seen his business work.
  • What do I have to lose business was slow at this time anyway.
  • I had already completed most of the product may as well get this guy to market it.

So my team and I finish off this Affiliate Sales Site building tool with feedback from my now Joint Venture partner in the project. It has been 3 months and we are nearing the end of 2009.

I will refrain from going into all the details pertaining to launching a product like this – needless to say it would have made a GREAT reality TV show.

Finally in early December of 2009 the product launches – we’ll see if this guy is really as good as he says he is or just another opportunist.

My take on the project over the next 2 months more more than the entire sales for my company the year before, on top of that the product stays on the market and makes sales every week creating me a passive income. HOLY S___T I could not believe this was happening!!!

That is now history! – I have since fired or transferred all of my clients and are solely focusing on Internet Marketing and product development. I am making more money that I ever thought I would make.

And yes I got myself a fancy car – Not as fancy as my business partners exotic car. Sorry no pictures of me standing beside it telling you how I can teach you to do the same.

The Moral

Not all of these get rich internet programs are a scam, there are legitimate REAL people out there making money on the internet. Some of them honestly do care about the people that buy their products and help you do what they do.

Keep up to date with my product releases and information about the REAL internet Marketing business fill out the form on the right and get blown away.

The below link is a product I developed that details exactly how I did what I did and just how easy it can be to start an internet business that earns massive profits.

Are you the skeptic like I was or are you ready to take a little risk in your life and reap the rewards! It is totally up to you…




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