Is a safe affiliate marketing platform?


Let me start by by saying that I am a little bias when it comes to Ukritic as I am the developer and co-founder of the community.

With that said I would like to take some time to explain what has gone into developing the community and the measures that have been taken to ensure that the community is a safe place to post Product Reviews.

During our planning and design phase of the sole focus was on making sure that the content posted is utterly unique and relevant content. From start to finish the review posting process is designed to maximize your SERP potential and give you all of the tools needed to post amazing high quality product reviews.

Some of the major features that are included in the process to make your review writing process easier are as follows:


Layout & Design

The review templates that are available when writing your review are designed by some of the top affiliate marketers on the web today. The design concepts are 100% focused on maximizing conversion and click through rates.

Ad placements are UN-obtrusive and the potential customer is directed to a variety of outbound links which point to a internal redirect link that directs to your own affiliate link.



The moderation process for new reviews and members has been designed to ensure only unique high quality reviews are allowed to be posted to Ukritic community. To assist in this process we have included a per-moderation process that will inform you while creating your review of elements that need to be tweaked for approval.

Moderation is very strict for new members as we consider it to be a training process, our philosophy is simple – “Make sure that each and every one of our members has all of the information required to write quality reviews that can convert to sales”.


Community based SEO

This is one of the greatest strengths of the Ukritic community, while the founders of Ukritic are ensuring that the Ukritic domain is protected and only truly white hat methods of promotion are utilized to grow the domain.

Each member that promotes or shares their krits through social channels is effectively helping to build the profile of all pages on Ukritic. So what that means to you is that each member that actively promotes their krits is adding to the overall search engine profile of the entire domain.

As an active member of Ukritic you will be sharing in leveraging the power of a community based review network. Everything that the other members of the community does to help the profile is actually helping every other member.


So why should I promote my reviews if others will get the benefit?

This is a discussion that I have had with quite a few members and it came up often during beta testing. With homepage being the king for internal link profiling we have implemented a ranking and reputation system for members while assigns a score to each and every review in the community. This score is a directly correlated to the members reputation which is related to the review scores.

This complex algorithm rewards members for being a more active member on thus keeping your reviews closer to the home page in the internal linking profile.

So by safely promoting your reviews and leaving ratings/reviews, voting, and watching other members you are effectively increasing your internal link weight.


What about spam?

I am going to make this as clear as possible – spammy reviews, duplicated content  and non white hat promotional tactics while not be tolerated. Any activity that can be deemed to damage the overall reputation of the Ukritic community will be removed. This can include removal of reviews from the index and or suspension of your Ukritic account.


So the short and skinny of is that the community was built by legitimate affiliate marketers for legitimate affiliate marketers. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Who makes a good “Kritter”?

Anyone can be an active member of Ukritic that is willing to write comprehensive reviews of products, we provide all of the tools for you to get affiliate links and insert them into your reviews so you can earn commission from sales generated by click through traffic.

Be rest assured however that is you are looking for a platform to post weak article content or overly hyped scam products you may as well find another site! Low quality spam type content will never see the light of day.


Why use Ukritic instead of building my own site?

The answer is simple here folks, Ukritic has done all of the hard work for you – there is no need to design and build your own website. All of the SEO is already done, you will be posting to an already authoritative site. Instead of starting from scratch you are starting your review network ahead of the curve.

Let’s say you wanted to test out a new market without the risk of building out a dedicated website – why not use Ukritic as your test bed for traffic and conversion. Hey you might just find that Ukritic templates convert so well you might decide to just skip building out your own site – is just that easy.


Well I have gone on long enough about this community why don’t you just give it a try and see what happens. There is nothing to lose it is completely FREE to join.

Give a try |or| Take a closer look at the Ukritic community




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