Moon landing hoax?

YES I am dragging this one up again. I think most of us have seen the Moon Hoax documentary on FOX (if not here is a site about it and have an opinion on the topic. Here is mine.

Did we land on the moon? Maybe really it doesn’t matter to me whether we did or not. I think that much of the billions of dollars spent on space exploration is a waste of tax payers money considering the state of finance of the USA, and the many people that could benefit from that money would make life on earth more pleasant instead of looking for the answers to irrelevant questions some of which I have asked and answered below.

Q: Are we alone in the universe?
A: No and anyone that thinks that in the infinite expanse of the universe we are the only sentient beings is a completely self indulged idiot.

Q: Should we try and inhabit another planet?
A: After what we have done to this one, give me a break before we should look for another planet to inhabit we should probably try and live in harmony on the one we inhabit now.

Q: What if we found other life in the universe?
A: Um look at our track record we would likely try to force our opinions and beliefs on this new society and end up at war. So why bother looking for a fight across the universe when we haven’t finished killing each other at home.

The evidence put forth stating that that the landing is a hoax is pretty powerful, and honestly faking the landing to win some space race is something that is in the nature of human beings. We supposedly landed on the moon in 1969 thats almost 40 years ago, there should be a colony or space station there by now don’t you think? At least a hotel to boost the travel economy.

If NASA was really interested in stomping out the hoax without all the poo flinging that is going on between conspiracy theorists and the PR at NASA, just point a space telescope at the moon and show the world the flag that we left there. That would be irrefutable evidence that it is just a conspiracy because how the hell did the flag get there if Armstrong was not on the moon.

Could someone please put this conspiracy to rest?
P.S. I am not against space exploration I believe the study of the universe is a great tool to learn and a reminder of just how small we really are. But much of the money is wasted on spying on each other instead of say building a science station on the moon and launching all space missions from there. Wow that would save a lot on rocket fuel if we launched missions into deep space from the moon wouldn’t we?



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