Funny-Nerd vs. Geek

NERDS vs. GEEKS an ode to Bill and Steve

Nerds are an extremely smart technology based race that is easily identifiable as they do not fit into the general population very well. The traditional NERD can be identified by magnifier glasses, un-kept hair, plain cotton dress shirt with an assortment of pocket protectors and very bad pants. Conversation involves only the latest in programming languages and the actual probability of star trek technology working. NERDS don’t generally leave the confines of their mother’s basement where they either wreak havoc on the world with their immense brain power or brag on message boards about how much smarter they are than the companies they refuse to work for. They generally don’t do anything else with themselves. The NERD is a dying breed all but extinct, they are realizing slowly that beyond the walls of the basement is a world that is theirs for the taking.

Therefore the NERD has evolved into the GEEK. We GEEKS are un-distinguishable from the general public, forming relationships with the opposite sex, often getting married and learning how to dress. We drive cars and live in homes, using our talents to produce great things for society, we are happy not angry but beware we have realized that using our talent and our smarts we will one day rule this world we live in. For the mean time we will give to the world the greatest inventions and technology for all to use.

How did this happen you ask? Well we have Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to thank for evolving from NERD to GEEK. To you I salute and join you in our undying quest of world domination one piece of technology at a time.

Written by:
Matthew Paul Chitty
President/Founder Mk2 Business Solutions




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