Partnership Opportunity

Strategic partnerships available on Mk2 Solutions in house projects

We are looking for strategic partnerships on various proprietary projects we are developing and others that are currently live.

Qualified candidate must have the following.

  • Strong understanding of online marketing.
  • Experience with adsense.
  • Established viral marketing campaign experience.
  • PHP programming experience an asset.

The offering.

  • Percentage ownership on choice of project negotiable based on experience and commitment.
  • Profit sharing based on ownership percentage of project.

Projects Available for partnership.

Tube Projects sites.

Victoria Tube
British Columbia Tube
Vancouver Island Tube
Kelowna Tube
New Delhi Tube
Abu Dhabi Tube
New York Tube
Hong Kong Tube
Travellers Tube
San Francisco Videos
Kauai Tube
Big island Tube
Lanai Tube
Molokai Tube
Oahu Tube
Valley Isle Tube
Interviews Tube
Barack Obama Tube
Michelle Obama Tube
Joe Biden Tube
Kennedy Tube
BailOut Tube
Tiger Woods Tube
Kite Surfing Tube
Cruising Tube
Radio Control Tube
Underwater Videos
TV ads Tube
Russell Peters Tube
Movie Star Tube
Hilton Tube
Music Videos
Britney Spears
Conspiracies Tube
Climate Change Videos
Stress Videos
Health Food Videos
Conspiracies Videos
Green Videos

To apply use the contact form and select investment as the reason.



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