Primeval Review

Primeval ReviewI have just started watching a British made television series “Primeval“. The show has aired its second season now and for a show that originally looked as if it was going to be another Sir Arthur Conan Doyles “Lost World” I was pleasantly surprised. The character interaction and acting is pretty good, the premise for the show is this; rifts/portals in the 4rth dimension that are letting creatures in from prehistoric and future eras. An interesting team of archaeologists, reptile specialists and a secret organization are dedicated to keeping the events from the media so as not to cause wide spread panic. The sultry Lucy Brown is the liaison between the team and the secret organization. Kinda like Special Unit 2 and X-Files. The special effects for the creatures is extremely well done for a Television production. The only complaint I have is that this show only has 6 or 7 episodes per season.

In conclusion this show has everything to make it a success, good acting, attractive cast, an awesome story, great CG creatures and top notch character interaction and development. This is a must see for anyone interested in getting away from the reality show garbage that is polluting out televisions.

Douglas Henshall…Professor Nick Cutter
Andrew Lee Potts…Connor Temple
James Murray …Stephen Hart
Hannah Spearritt…Abby Maitland
Lucy Brown …Claudia Brown
Juliet Aubrey …Helen Cutter
Ben Miller …Sir James Lester
Karl Theobald …Oliver Leek
Naomi Bentley …Caroline
Mark Wakeling …Capt. Tom Ryan

I am appealing to everyone reading my blog to tune into this show on whatever channel it airs in your city so that it stays on the air and we can continue to enjoy some quality television for a change.




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