Reality Check – Global Warming

I was debating on whether or not to stir this one up again. However while watching T.V. this evening I saw a commercial that was trying to tell me that we are running out of fresh water on the planet. That was the last straw!

I am so tired of everywhere I turn some new advertising campaign that is trying to tell us that we need to change the way we do things because some organization thinks that we are running out of water or running of O-Zone or we are killing the planet. Serious do you people have nothing better to do than play the Armageddon car ALL THE TIME. Al gore and his “Inconvenient Movie” was a total joke. Recording temperature for changes over a few years and you think you can make the statement that we are killing the planet with increases Carbon Dioxide levels.

You think you people are so smart but you contradict your selves on every turn. I keep hearing that it has not been this hot since ? Well guess what if you can say that it was this hot 50 years ago when there was 50 years less pollution and carbon dioxide in the air then obviously we are not affecting the temperature. If it was this hot 50 years ago then we are likely in the middle of a cycle. The earth revolves around the sun which affects temperature while the earth revolves around its axis affecting temperature. Do these fear mongers stop and think outside the box and look at the fact that our solar system might be in orbit around a larger solar system and rotating around its axis. Thus temperatures in our solar system are effected by it’s rotation around a larger system. This would explain 50 year temperature cycles or even million year cycles.

This planet has been around for billions of years. If we as insignificant inhabitants of the planet think we can actually destroy the planet then the human race is even more naive than I originally thought. Everything that you see you on television and in the Green campaigns is just fear tactics to try and force the world into another belief.

Here is the reality of it all folks, the human race is as insignificant as a grain of sand in the scope of the universe. We are a barbaric fearsome race that cannot even make it through a generation with someone going to war. If we actually manage to do any damage to this planet then the planet will right itself. Lets call a duck a duck. GREEN means healthy lifestyles, Global warming is a ridiculous fear tactic. Do I agree that we dump to much pollution into the air? YES Do we rely to much on burning fossil fuels? YES Are we damaging the environment by reducing the forest populations? YES But we are not destroying the planet we are destroying ourselves.

The problem is however that politics and media are involved. Fear is the only motivation that Religion, and Politics are capable of using. I have said in other posts that 87% of the population are just sheep following the brainwashing of the government they reside under. Yes I mean under because most of these people would not be able to function without someone holding their hand. The planet is getting over populated, I am in total agreement with that. We are over populated because we have spent so much time catering to the weak that everyone lives longer and contributes less. Their for the general population becomes reliant of government holding their hands and spelling out life for them. The strong no longer survive but they are responsible for carrying those that do not contribute to society. The real problem lies within our selves, we need to realize that not only are we part of a society but we are also individuals and can make our own choices. If you make a choice then live with it, don’t expect the rest of the world to carry you if you make the wrong choice. My choice today is to write this post! I will suffer the repercussions of debate and upsetting some people though writing this. That is my choice, you too have a choice and that is whether or not read it, respond, or agree/disagree with what I have to say.

If the 87% of the population that blindly follows the so called world leaders suddenly became completely self aware and stopped being brainwashed by the media and the politicians then we could fully effect any change in the world that we want. From something as easy as forcing the oil companies to lower the price of fuel and refuse to goto war for no reason other than to gain more territory or force someone else’s belief on others.

Well that is all I have to say on this topic for now, I think I have stirred up enough S__t for the time being 😉

Part 1 – Politics
Part 2 – Religion




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