Ok so something has been bugging me for ages so I figured I would write about it. I drive a modified Honda civic that is a little on the loud side with the performance exhaust etc. I know what your thinking “OMG one of those, delinquent tuner kids who street race and cause accidents” Hey don’t sweat it I’m used to it. I get the looks all the time when I am driving to work or picking up groceries and even dropping my daughter off at school. You know EVERYONE who is into cars and modifying cars is an adolescent gang member out to do no good or is street racing.

Guess what to all you id10ts that cant look past my car and see that I am a 32 year old adult who is a contributing member of the business community who happens to be married with 2 little girls. When you stand on the side or the road or sit in your plain old everyday vehicle and stare me down as I drive by I would like you to know that both me and my 8 year old daughter sitting in her seat in the back on her way to school is laughing at your “Funny Face”.

Hey I like cars I like customizing things, my computers are all custom, my R/C models are custom, and when I was a kid I put cards in my bike spokes to get that “exhaust sound”. Guess it all started there. I like difference and being creative guess thats why I am this business. So before you wreck your face trying to stare me down because my car is loud and customized, stop and think that maybe it might be a mid 30’s Father of two that just happens to like custom cars. Get over yourself and move on with your day. On the other hand it does give myself and my family something to laugh about on our way to where we are going.

Oh and as for the street racing thing, I’m not a street racer and I laugh my ass of when the same people that stared me down while sitting a light, floor it when it turns green like they have something to prove in their stock leased economy car. Don’t worry I wasn’t looking to get in your lane, there is no need to take off like a bat out of hell trying to block me. Finally for the record if I was as irresponsible as you and floored it off the light you would see nothing but my tail end and if I really NEEDED to be in that lane in front of you I would. But I’ll let you waste your gas and get the speeding ticket. My family and I will yet again cruise pass you laughing all the way. HA HA HA….



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