Tiger Woods, The Masters, What he brings to golf

Why Tiger Why? You could have had it so many times on Sunday. Tiger is the best player in the world hands down and even the best are not perfect. Maybe the years of pressure are getting to him now that he is a family man, maybe a small part of his mind is not focused on the game. I don’t know but in my opinion Tiger Woods putted himself OUT of contention in the Masters this week. On Sunday alone there was 4 short putts that he missed. With Trevor taking double bogey on the 16th and dropping to -8 that would have been enough to force a playoff. So Tiger as one of your fans I was a little disappointed that you didn’t win this week but on the other hand you are the best in the world and you have inspired so many. You have more pressure on you than any other athlete in the world. A bad day for you is finishing 2nd at the Masters for the second year in a row I would not beat yourself up over a few missed putts.

How Tiger Woods got me on the golf course.
I am a huge fan of Tiger Woods, what he has brought to golf is far more than he will ever take from the game. He opened the world’s eyes to a sport that was once saved for the rich and famous. With his style and unmatched performance in the game more and more of the younger generation tuned in to watch him play. By tuning in and seeing this magnificent game play out so many more people that never thought about playing golf would go out and try the game. A game so addictive that once you play and make a couple of good shots you are hooked.

I swore up and down I would never play golf, I however kept hearing about this Tiger Woods. People that didn’t golf would be telling me about him years ago. So I began to watch him play and it was exciting to watch (Who would have thought that golf was an exciting sport to watch?) The inevitable happened, one day I found myself out on a golf course whacking away at a little white ball with a strange looking metal stick. It was over for me right then and there, being out in the fresh air, walking through a HUGE beautiful field and swinging a club. It became my exercise, I don’t go to the gym I play golf. On the average round I walk 6+Km during a round and get loads of exercise.

I continued to play over the last 4 years and with some fantastic chip-ins a Hole in One and seeing my score lower and lower though managing my statistics I now proudly call my self a “GOLFER”. Thank you Tiger for opening the worlds eyes to the “Greatest Game on Earth”.



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