Torrentspy Gone!

Well I just checked torrent spy to look something up and its GONE! Looks like the MPAA has taken another blow against distribution of music, software and movies over the internet.

The site just displays “Service Unavailable”.  I am no condoning the distribution of pirated content but really folks the guys at torrentspy just provided a portal with links to files that where hosted at other servers managed by other people. The problem does not start and end with TorrentSpy it starts with the fact that people have realized that using the internet they can freely share information and materials.

Piracy has always been around, remember recording VHS movies for your friends on your second VCR. What about making mixed tapes for your love interest. That also could be considered “PIRACY” could it not? This is a war that is never going to end. A truce is best and some compromise on both sides and the world will be a better place.

Common does the MPAA feel good about themselves now that they people of torrent spy no longer have an income. The ads they displayed paid them for the service they provided to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE that wanted the service. So really is torrentspy the problem or the demands of the general population that want this distribution.

Thats all I have to say on that!



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