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Victoria, B.C. Parking Woes

Victoria, B.C. Parking Woes

Ok I know we all hating parking bylaws and the extortion that following having to park in paid parking lots but seriously, is there any regulations to govern how much these ganetts can extort from you. Robbins parking are the worst kind of criminal out there because the government allows them to extort money from the general public. They buy up prime real estate and then have unkempt parking areas where you can pay into a meter to park your car.

If for some reason you don’t make it back to the meter in time you are hammered with what seems to be a randomly increasing fine depending on which lot you are parked. WHERE IS THE REGULATION HERE! I parked in a Robbins lot where I have a pass but I parked in a spot that un-benounced to me was not for people like me that pay Robbins $50.00 per month for the privilege of parking my car in a parking lot with no guarantee to the safety of my vehicle. I reveive a ticket for $32.50 but if I pay them within 7 days its only $16.50. Well DUH ill pay the damn ticket.

I’m at a client meeting downtown Victoria and of course the only place to park is in a robbins lot seeing as they own ALL the downtown property of Victoria that does not currently have a building on it. I pay my meter fee and pop in for the meeting. I was a few mins late coming out of the meeting to of course find a parking ticket on my window. Now having had a ticket before I expect the 32.50 with early pay option. This idiotic peice of paper has a fine for $50.00 and a $27.00 early pay option, are you F***ing kidding me does anyone manage these crooks.

As residents we have no recourse against these assholes, “pay us or you will regret it.” Did the governments not ban racketeering and extortion to rid us of the “Mafia”. But its ok because for Robbins Parking to do it. At least the Mafia extorted money in return for protection. Robbins parking extorts money from us and we get nothing in return other than an unsafe place to park our vehicle for a short period of time.

Ok so here is where the defenders will say, “its their property they have the right to charge for parking your car there”. “if you don’t want to pay park elsewhere”, if you live in Victoria you will know that there is no other option of where to park ROBBINS OWNS EVERY PIECE OF LAND WITHOUT A BUILDING ON IT. They have a monopoly on parking in this community. Again, did Bill Gates not get investigated for trying to get a monopoly in his industry. Why then are Robbins allowed a monopoly? Hmm I wonder.

So if private property allows you to break all law then I would like Robbins parking to pay me $250.00 for the privilege of touching my car. If you pay me in cash tomorrow I will knock that down to $130.00. Sounds like a great plan. Chances of any court allowing this or me claiming my money NIL. Do I have ANY sympathy for these crooks when bad things happen to them. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Rack it up to Karma folks.

That’s it for my rant.




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