Vista64 bit System setup

Well I am getting my workstation ready for a fresh install of all my OS and software. New license of Adobe CS3 Master Collection and Vista 64bit Business are the main application packages.

Specs are:

Intel Extreme Quad Core QX6700 CPU
8GB Corsair XMS2 DDRII 6400 RAM Cas Lat 5-5-5-18
Gigabyte GA965-DQ6 Mainboard
Geforce 8800GTX GPU from BFGTech
WD 74GB Raptor 10K SATA System HDD
Seagate 500GB Storage Drive
Linksys NAS200 w/2X320GB Seagate HDD
Seasonic 700W 60AMP PSU in ANTEC P180Case

System should run well on vista64 bit, this system is mainly for graphics development and gaming. I will post more details when I get it all fully setup and running.



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