Web Developer Woes

In a previous article I wrote about Web designers that rip off clients where I rant about some of my clients that have been ripped off in the past with web design.

I have just taken on a new client that is in the same situation. They have a poor site that they paid far too much for and I am now cleaning up the mess for them. My rates are not “cheap” and nor is my work but when I hear from people how much they paid for their sites it disturbs me. Where is the customer service? Where is the drive to maintain a long and prosperous client relationship?

My company Mk2 Business Solutions has been running since 2006 and in this time we have never lost a client due to poor product or service. Myself I spent many years working in customer service both in sales and management so I learned how to make sure my customers were happy.

The more time I spend in the industry the more I want to effect change in how we deal with our clients. They rely on us to help them grow their business. It is not in anyones best interest to “grab the money and run” providing poor quality work. My clients are able to reach me (except when on vacation) anytime. I respond to emails as soon as I get them and many minor edits on text etc. I do not charge them for.

Here is some of my clients sites if you are interested in viewing them. My company also offeres a referral payout to anyone that refers busines our way. So if you are impressed with our work and know someone that could use the service we offer please pass on our name.

wildernesstrekking.com | avocet3d.com | yourgolfstats.com | ditomassogroup.com | funnyguy.ca | gann.ca | zensport.ca | internationalalpacas.com | sukkhothai.com(in progress) | craigwalters.net | speakwell.com | ezfi.com | commercialpropertyloans.com | animaxdesigngroup.com | guttersuckers.com | adventuretech.ca(in progress)

We are currently taking on new clients. I will be on vacation from August 14th to 29th but someone from the office will be able to take questions and information for my return. As the founder and president of the company I make sure to meet with every client personally before moving forward on a project.

If you need HIGH quality and efficient work then contact us.



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