What happened to customer service

What is going on in todays business world? Where has customer service gone? There is no such thing as calling up a company providing you a service that you pay for and have them correct a problem or accept responsibility for a mistake on their part. If you haven’t seen my post on the poor service from my previous web hosting company please read and you will understand why I am tired of dealing with companies that don’t care about customer service.

The latest experience in with my cellphone provider Bell Canada. For the last 3 months my bill has gone up by $20 because the company dropped one of my promotional codes 3/4 of the way through my contract with them. For two months I contacted customer service and was promised that it would be corrected on the next bill (all be it after a lengthy hold and the most annoying automated answering system). The second month there was no correction made for the over payment the previous month, I called and was told my next bill would be $20 less than normal as there would be a correction from the previous month.

The next bill comes and its $60 higher than what it was supposed to be so as you can imagine I was extremely irritated when I called Bell’s customer service. The rep I ended up speaking with looked into the over charge and guess what my 750 minute plan had been dropped to 350 mins. Keep in mind I have a 2YR contract with this company and they can’t even keep the contract accurate through the term. After about 20 mins the minutes are corrected and the extra charges are removed from the bill. Then it comes to the missing credit from the previous billing error. The rep could not even figure out the math for three months of bills even with me walking him through it over the phone. There was a $20 credit that was never applied to my bill. Seems pretty simple well not for this customer service rep is was not.

After another 30-45mins of arguing with this idiot he finally admits that yes I was over charged and the credit was never applied back to my bill and gets my bill corrected for me. Thank god my contract expires in august and we now have number portability because you can be damn sure I will not be continuing with this Bell.ca for my cellphone service.

Ive lost all faith in the service industry, I am a business owner that provides many services and I ALWAYS deal with problems right away, respond to clients and answer calls. When I was a sales manager for a big box retail store I did everything possible to make sure all customers left the store happy no matter what the original problem was. I am still waiting for a company to reinstall some faith in the customer service industry.

That is my rant for the day guess I should expect this from the same company that is throttling its internet service and trying to control what it’s users do on the net. Check out this complaint letter template you can use to get some revenge on the service company if things don’t get worked out in the end.



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