WordPress 2.5 Review

Yet again I logged into my blog admin to find another update is available for WordPress. Usually these updates are just security fixes to the WordPress code or fixes to remove vulnerabilities exploited by hackers hell bent on making out lives a hassle.

So I did the deed downloaded the update and installed it, first thought was hmmm its making Database changes. There must be some serious changes in the latest version. After a few seconds I was told that the database was upgraded and I could view the site. No changes to the site thank god, login into admin and WOW that is some major changes.

WordPress has made a complete overhaul of the admin control panel and I have to say it is for the better. The sidebar editor is way easier to use than previous releases, the layout on the control panel is very web 2.0 looking and easier to read. Frequently used tabs are prevalent in the dashboard area ‘settings Plugins Users’ are smaller links on the right side but always there for a quick click. The overall UI has been made extremely easy to navigate and is much more friendly than it was on the previous release. I also had no problems with my highly custom theme on this site.

The greatest add on for me in this version is the one click plugin updates no more downloading new plugin delete old install new rinse and repeat. With one click you can simply update whatever plugin has an updated version. This saves SOOOO much time when running mulitple blogs.

Overall I have to say GREAT JOB WordPress 2.5 is an absolute mush have for anyone using an older version of this powerful blogging tool. Two thumbs up and keep up the great work!

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