25 Random things about The MadScientist


No site is complete without some information about the webmaster/owner. If you are reading this page then you care enough to find out a little about me.You are a brave soul to venture into the depth of my mind!

My favorite quote:

“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most” ~Ozzy Osbourne

So here goes with a little TMI about me:

  1. I hate shoes, seriously I could live barefoot or in flip flops and I usually do in the spring and summer. Expect to see me in flip flops when coming to my board room for a meeting.
  2. I used to walk around and smack people on the forehead cause it made a neat sound. At least this is something that I have grown out of.
  3. I was Born in England, lived in Winnipeg, Ontario and BC where I reside now.
  4. I was at one time in my life a “homeless Person”.  Slept on the street and worked hard to get off the streets. I have no respect the Bums that are capable of getting of the street but choose not to.
  5. I am a Workaholic, I have to be creating something I’m writing this post while watching TV and answering my wife/accountants questions on invoices etc.
  6. I Generally like animals and sea life more than people, animals are so innocent, loving and bring us so much joy. People well they start wars, hurt each other and are generally ignorant for the most part.
  7. I am a die hard Breast Man I’m totally Addicted to Boobs seriously its and obsession. If you keep reading there is proof of just how much of a boob man I am. They have to be real all natural though. I hate the silicon things.
  8. I Was once arrested at gun point – long story and no I don’t have a criminal record it was all a big misunderstanding. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  9. I have never been to a strip club. No seriously NEVER BEEN! Don’t know why, I guess I have just never really had the inkling to go. Maybe it’s because most of the boobs are fake who knows. Come to think of it I have never gone to a funeral either, I have never seen the point in funerals. I have always gotten together with friends and family of those that have died and done something that we would do if the deceased was with us and remember them that way.
  10. I love to build stuff, anything, RC(Planes, Boats, Cars, Helicopters), Computers, random s**t around the house
  11. I can guess any woman’s bra size and 99% of the time I’m right seriously I’ve been tested over and over again by so many women that don’t believe a man can know that much about bras/boobs.
  12. I refuse to own any vehicle that is completely stock. I have modified in some sense EVERY car that I have owned. Come to think of it I modified my boat and my motorcycles as well.
  13. I have been involved in a high speed car chase (long time ago). Young and Stupid is all I have to say for myself on that one.
  14. I too often have to say “I warned you!” or “I told you so!” TOO many times do I have to say those words. Read the post I AM THAT GUY for more info on this one.
  15. I am a born again TECHNOLOGY GEEK circa 1997 and loving it. I have SO much tech, assorted Radio Controls models, toys all over my office.
  16. Sometimes when I am bored I Google myself. Ok I am lying here its actually a daily event. Gotta check my placements you know.
  17. I actually KNOW everyone on my Facebook friends list. At sometime in my life I have had actual conversations with everyone in my friends list.
  18. I have never broken a bone larger than a toe (knock on wood). Although I did dislocate and break a pinky toe once and had to set the toe myself while I was in shock about the strange angle it was pointing at.
  19. Some of the people closest to me swear I am Psychic, I have predicted many events and occurrences related to people around me. When tested for personality traits my strongest were Analytical & Empathetic. I am really good at reading situations and make very educated guesses on outcomes that are most often right.
  20. The most annoying sound in the world is people eating with their mouths open. This sound instantly throws me into a negative state of mind, it is angering. I stopped dating a girl (way back when) for eating into the phone all the time. It is the grossest sound!
  21. I love the feel of new socks IF I was a millionaire I would never wear the same pair of socks twice. When I am not bearfoot of course.
  22. I don’t keep up with the fashion trends I wear what I am comfortable in. The only time I think I am in fashions is when I am on the golf course. The rest of the time it’s comfort clothes. If I am wearing a suit someone better be getting married or I am signing a REALLY BIG DEAL.
  23. Most of my life I thought golf was the dumbest game ever now I can’t get enough of playing it. Half to play every week.
  24. I think reality TV shows are a joke and wishes they would stop making them, they are the epitome of what is wrong in this world.
  25. I took me 2 weeks to get this list together.

Well that is about it not much more I can say about myself. Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon!




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