American soldier corruption

Watching FOX13 news tonight I witnessed the most disturbing thing that I have ever seen on television ever!. Two morally corrupt american soldiers (yes I did not capitalize american as I don’t believe that it deserves it) through a puppy of a cliff in Iraq. WTF!

First of all what the hell are you arrogant pieces of filth thinking when you perform such a disgusting act? You pathetic pussies have nothing better to do than murder and innocent little puppy. Someone should through you off a cliff and laugh at you while your bones break and skin splits while you careen down the cliff side. You are not worthy of living never mind so called protecting your country. The US military gives you a non disclosed disciplinary action, they are as useless as the soldiers they employ. No wonder this behavior seems acceptable to you. You should have been court marshaled, removed from service and sent directly back to the US to face charges of animal cruelty. (Personally I would just throw you pathetic wast of skin to a pack of wild dogs and nature take care of you!)

Second why the hell would FOX13 air the entire video showing the dog get thrown and landing on the rocks below. You are as disgusting as the soldiers themselves. I have have lost all respect for this news cast. I hope the animal rights activists are all over you people. I will not post a like to the news cast as I don’t want anyone to have to witness this video. This is one of those things that will forever be burned into my memory as horrible and disturbing.

With all the controversy around the war in Iraq, it’s incidents like this that makes the rest of the world ask “What are you really doing in that country?”. If I would not be proud to be an american after watching that on the news tonight. Thank god I am not american.

Ironic it is that I actually don’t watch the news, the show that I was watching ended while I was working on a design project and the news came on. Deep into design I did not even notice that the news was playing until I looked up just as this filth was on the screen. Tonight has even more deeply ingrained the reasons why I can’t stand to watch the news, especially american news.

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