Blogs are like Magazines

What is blogging? or What is a blog?

The wonders of blog are that they give the everyday surfer the ability to have their OWN magazine publication online. Running a blog is just like running a magazine online, you need to publish articles that your readers will want to read, sell and manage advertising space on the blog to maintain a constant revenue stream in order to pay for the costs of running said blog.

Like magazines you can have a general blog with random information about anything you feel like talking about or you can target the blog to a specific group or interest. I for example run this blog which is kind of my personal rants and raves, conspiracies and opinions etc. I have just launched a golfing blog for personal golf statistics Of which I am looking for golfers to blog on for a share of the revenue created from that blog.

Wow I kinda feel like a publishing company except all my magazines are digital. If there are any other people out there with a little bit of time on their hands each day that wants to take a crack at having their own online magazine then please read my Free Blogs page and drop me a line so we can chat about the options that are available to you for your own personal free blog and or business partnership.



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