Bye Bye Bell – Hello Rogers

Well after yet another bill error on Bell Mobility’s part this month I have decided to say !@#$%^ you to bell and switched to Rogers for my business cellular provider. For starters the phones are better, the lines are better, the customer service is better.

My new LG Shine Slider phone is a piece of fine manufacturing I tell you. The box has more design in it than I have ever seen. Intricate reflective design on the entire box with a magnetic top. A wealth of accessories comes with the phone including a functioning USB transfer cable. The phone is auto detected in vista as a mass storage device accessing both the phones integrated memory and the expandable memory card slot. Unlike on my Nokia 6275i the slot is on the phone case and not under the battery so I can swap out cards anytime.

LG PC Suite was a nightmare to get installed and connected to the phone on vista but once it is installed it works very well. For the daunting task of transferring all my numbers from my non SIM card phone to the Rogers LG Shine the PC Suite enabled me to use the Laptop to enter the data and the export to the phone. What a time saver that was. The USB port also charges the phone and allows internet access using the phone as a modem. NEVER USE THIS FEATURE IT WILL COST YOU A FORTUNE IF YOU DO….. Not from experience my self but from witnessing it when I was in the cellular industry.

Well its nice to have a shiny new phone and taking some business away from the Bell organization. What a bunch of idiots “HEY LETS THROTTLE THE INTERNET” “LETS MESS UP CUSTOMERS BILLS” then they wonder why they are losing money and business. WAKE UP!!!!



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