How today’s society is killing the “Nice Guy”…

A rant I wish I didn’t have to make. Some people in society never cease to amaze and disgust me.

The expression no good dead goes unpunished has never meant more than it does today. The fact that we have degenerated to such a low in our society today that anyone doing something from the goodness of their heart comes under attack by barely human individuals that have nothing better to do than to try and discredit the actions of another.

Recently a tragedy hit my company (Mk2 Business Solutions) where my lead programmer/best friend’s sister was in a tragic car accident and is in ICU. I am not going to go over any details here as this is not the forum for the topic. I decided to use my companies hosting server and resources to create a website for my best friend to help the rest of the out of town family to keep up to date with his sister’s progress. The site also takes donations to help her in her recovery process. Everything was built and setup in a transparent nature and we even contacted a local newspaper which ran a story on her status and the launch of the site to help create awareness for her situation.

I thought nothing of doing this to help my best friend and his family during this terrible time. My heart goes out to him and his family and I wanted to do something to help them through this crisis. It is impossible to sit idly by as someone so close to you is going through so much pain.

Within 1 week of the newspaper article people that are of no blood relation at all to my best friends sister are PUBLICLY questioning the intentions of the site and where the proceeds are going. Upon hearing this news my heart hit the floor. I could not believe that people believe that someone cannot do a good deed without having to try and slander them publicly and question their intentions.

I know who these people are and as much as I want to return the favor you have done for me I refrain. See I wanted to do something to helpĀ  a friend in need and you have tried to discredit me and my company. That is disgusting and low, lower than low. You have no morals and are barely human. It is people like you that have caused the death of the “Nice Guy”. No one wants to do anything out of the goodness of their heart anymore because people like you cause them pain and anguish for their actions.

The good that comes from this is that THIS nice guy is not dead, you cannot shut down the site and as far as the credibility of the site goes. BRING IT ON! There is nothing sinister or treacherous here, well aside from you that is. This site in question is and yes WE know exactly who the slandering parties are!

From one nice guy to those that try to stomp nice guys down. You haven’t crushed our will and we will continue to do good things even though disgusting creatures like yourselves try to discredit us.

What goes around comes around and I warn you KARMA is a bitch…



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