Internet slow & problems

Is it just me or are ISP’s slowing down our connections. I have noticed that both at the office and at home that regular surfing has had a noticeable slowdown. We all know that some providers such as Bell are throttling the connections on certain ports to limit the amount of downloading of “pirated” content its users can make.

Here is a conspiracy theory for you. Just totally random and off the top of my head but what if the ISP’s are slowing our connections down so that we will upgrade to the faster accounts and spend more money. Or maybe they are monitoring all traffic and it is causing a bottle neck of packets and slowing down the connections of its users.

I love a good conspiracy. The real reason for the post is to ask if anyone else is noticing a slow down in regular surfing lately or am I just loosing my mind more rapidly than normal?

Well thats it for today, I look forward to hearing some responses on the topic.



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