Meme guess I should do one…

I normally hate these things but I guess I should do one or two just to pay homage to them.
  1. Where is your cellphone? On The Counter downstairs
  2. Where is your significant other? Beside Me
  3. Your hair color? Dark Brown.
  4. Your family? Spit into two group Welcome and Not welcome.
  5. Who you miss the most? My old cat Tally.
  6. Your favorite thing? Boobs.
  7. Your dream last night? I took a sedative last no dreams just good sleep.
  8. Your dream/goal? Domination of the internet world The ultimate .dot com Mogul.
  9. The room you’re in? Right now my bedroom
  10. Your hobby? Computers, Gaming, Golfing, Radio Control Models, Cars, Graphic Design.
  11. Your fear? Regection, Ridicule, Failure
  12. Where do you want to be in six years? Hawaii.
  13. Where were you last night? Doing accounting in bed.
  14. What you’re not? Tolerant of stupid, Fat, Completely Sane and people that lack common sense.
  15. One of your wish list items? . Lexus IS F
  16. Where you grew up? England, Winnipeg, Ontario
  17. The last thing you did? Accounting.
  18. What are you wearing? Silk Boxers.
  19. Your TV? 42″ Samsung Plasma, 37″ Sharp LCD, 120″ Projector screen.
  20. Your pet? YokiPoo Milo well hes really my wifes dog but I’m Kinda attached.
  21. Your computer? I have too many. QuadcoreExtreme2.66ghz 8GB DDDR2 8800GTX 74GB Raptor Drive, Fujitsu6025 Laptop, Alienware M17 Laptop,  Assorted others.
  22. Your mood? Driven, Focused
  23. Missing someone? Not at the moment.
  24. Your car? 2000 Honda Civic EX B16A JDM, 2.25 Stainless Exhasut VAFC2 Lowered 17″ Rims and more…
  25. Something you’re not wearing? Socks, Shirt, Pants
  26. Favorite store? Edge Computers, Ebay
  27. Your summer? Usually busy.
  28. Love someone? yes My wife and kids.
  29. Your favorite color? Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green.
  30. The last time you laughed? This morning.
  31. The last time you cried? Can’t remember.
And Here is the other one I figured I would fill out.
  1. I am quite possibly addicted to Computers and Toys & Boobs.
  2. I shudder when I fall sleep. Scares the S**T out of my wife I litterally shutter like a massive hickup just as I fall into REM sleep. So I am told
  3. When I was a sales manager at a retail store I used to sit in the back with the other managers and make fun of the stupid people that would complain the most about things their fault.
  4. I enjoy watching Discovery HD a channel dedicated to Geeks.
  5. I knew I was in love with boobs the first time I saw one (I know I know it is what it is)
  6. I cannot stop thinking about work and the future.
  7. I hate stupid and ignorant people they drive me up the wall especially when I have to deal with them.
  8. The closest thing to porn that I own is the DVD of “Original Sin”.
  9. When I am bored and alone sometimes I Google myself.
  10. I drink close to 3L of water each day. I am always thirsty, but test negative for diabetes.
Feel free to copy these meme’s on your own blog thats how I found them…



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