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This is the start of a 3 part post detailing my opinion on some major topics of discussion in the world today.

Every day I see more and more of the fear tactics used to control the population attempting to force us to do whatever the power hungry elements in our society want us to do. Fear of loss, fear of prosecution, fear of destroying the planet(OMG wait till I post on that one). Fear tailored to control the masses by offering protection from some unseen, unknown or manufactured enemy. Is this not similar to what the mafia but outside of the control of government. Government is hypocritical to say the least.

Fear of Global warming, Religion and Politics can all be grouped into one category, Fear and Control. The only thing accomplished through Religion, Politics and Fear is the control of populations using fear. Hence expressions such as “God Fearing”. When 87% of the population is controlled by 13% we have a problem. I call it sheep syndrome. Sheep are herded in masses by dogs, the fear of being bitten by the dog so they herd to where the dog is told to herd them. The general population is controlled by fear. Fear of Persecution/Prosecution (politics), fear of the Wrath of God, fear of destroying the planet. I am going to touch on each of these fears over my next few posts. Post one(this post) is going to detail my opinions on politics. Post 2 tomorrow will detail my opinion on religion. Post 3 on Monday will detail my opinion on the Global Warming topic and the conclusion to this post.

Fear of persecution and prosecution (Politics).
Let me start by saying I am not a advocate for anarchy but seriously we are human beings with minds of our own we don’t need to have every aspect of our lives controlled by some governing force. We cannot do anything without paying some government for the right do do so. Every aspect of our days are predetermined by some government ideal that is forced down upon us. Where did government come from? It came from a bunch of rich human beings that had nothing left to accomplish in finance so they turned their focus and efforts to creating power. The fasted way to feel the sensation of power is to control something else. The ultimate power is to control a population. Government was formed when a group of men decided that they wanted to control the surrounding population by promising protection and for said protection they will pay a tax. As other governments formed power struggles began to arise, alternative power cells battle to increase their control over the populations that follow. Over the hundreds of years that we have been controlled by government fear has been so ingrained in us that every step we take another control is placed on us and we just accept it.

I was watching A Bug’s Life with my daughter the other day and somthing dawned on me. When hopper and his gang where in New Mexico living off the spoils they stole from the ants. Hopper explained to the gang that they were out numbered 100 to 1. If the ants ever figured that out, the fear and control over them the grasshoppers had would cease to exist. Sounds kind of familiar to me, we are all controlled in some way by fear. In the next few posts I will detail links to religion using the same fear to control the populations that “Believe”.

Continued tomorrow with Religion…




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