Rooting for Tiger today…

Well I have nothing witty or important to say today and I’m sitting here on the edge of my seat watching golf, Tiger Woods 10 holes in and down by 3 in the 3rd round. This man is the most talented athlete in the world and 3 down is nothing for him, so go Tiger go and let see you going into Sunday in the lead and keep your streak going.

I’m rooting for you to win Tiger Woods keep it going…

Well the universe must be aligned for Tiger, as he struggles against a growing number of birdies and eagles in the field being made by players getting closer to the leaders. The Miami sky opens up and heavy rains postpone play until tomorrow. Just when he needs it Tiger gets a break from play to regroup and plan his game for his Sunday Red performance at Doral. Could have been better timing on the weather if I didn’t know better you would say this athlete not only has superior control over him own mind but he can even will the rain when he needs it. (No don’t go thinking I believe that someone can will it to rain when they need it but WOW what a stoke of convenient luck)



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