Signs you work at an animation company

Signs You Work at a Computer Animation Company…
Compiled by Unknown

1. Frappaccino soon leads the way to “Frappimation”

2. You frantically click on your window trying to make it “pop” in front of a post-it pad you stuck on your screen the night before.

3. There are more toys in the offices than at a toy factory.

4. Dan Rather presents a lengthy report on the CG industry simply to have the opportunity to label you as “Techno-Nerds” (at night he giggles with his imaginary friend, Tootles).

5. You get a cut on your finger and you begin bleeding coffee from your gaping wound.

6. You begin to believe that pigs can talk, (No, I mean REALLY talk). None of this CG crap!

7. In your cubicle, you have an audience of fellow employees emitting “OOoooo”‘s and “Aaaahhhhh”‘s when your “fireworks” screen saver starts up.

8. The pets about the building get “paged” through the paging system. “Fido, to the back door.. . Fido, to the back door, please.. . and stay!”

9. Your CD player becomes your best friend. “*sniff.. you never let me down!”

10. Your only window to the outside world is,

11. Mommy and Daddy stop laughing at you because you’re making “cartoons” when you tell them how much more you’re making than they are.

12. You get teary eyed whenever you see your first commercial on TV.

13. You’ve uttered the phrase “Man, TRON would look so cool if they made it today!”

14. You realize that you don’t see movies for the plot anymore, just to see the cool effects.

15. You sneer at people that don’t know what SIGGRAPH stands for.

16. You actually think that classic cel-animated cartoons would look so much neater as 3D characters.

17. You wake up every morning at 4:53 screaming with nightmares of intersecting polygons.

18. You can hold meaningful, insightful, and intelligent conversations via e-mail, but stutter and gibber like a baboon when faced with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

19. You begin to put less and less emphasis on your physical appearance, and more and more emphasis on your understanding of particle systems.

20. You actually believe that high pay and fancy benefits are an even trade-off for your social life.

21. You have a nice car, a kick-ass home theater system, and a great apartment. Unfortunately, you never have time to enjoy them.

22. You pet your desk lamp and call it “Luxo Jr. ”

23. Programmers and animators form seperate tribes, each fearing and distrusting the other. Formal meetings must be organized to communicate effectively, during which only the person holding the conch may speak.

24. You giggle hysterically every time you watch “Jurassic Park”, and that girl says “This is a Unix system! I know Unix!”, and proceeds to play with the `Buttonfly’ demo.

25. When you get drunk, you get philisophical about Star Wars and Star Trek.

26. You find yourself writing a “You know you’re working at a CG company when.. . ” list.

27. Your most important expressions of individualism are your . login icon and . signature file.

28. No matter how many times you explain to your parents what you do, they still tell people that you “make cartoons”.

29. You’ve become comfortable with the fact that your skin has become more pale then the soft squishy skin under an old Band-Aid.

30. Everyone is walking around with more wrist straps and bandages than a Tennis pro.

31. You have so many “ergonomic” supports that your body never comes in contact with your desk or floor around it.

32. You spend more time and effort decorating your office cubicle than you do your apartment.

33. Your tiny computer costs more than your car.

34. Spanking isn’t exciting anymore.

35. Your teeth become plyably soft from all the soda you drink.

36. Your client pays most for effects that are seen least.

37. You’ll eat anything as long as they deliver.

38. You never hear the pages because you have your headphones on.

39. You netsearch a supermodel’s name, then proceed to fantasize about how maybe you would meet, and how she would realize what a sensitive and attractive person you are, and you’d date, and she’d come into the office and make all the rest of the guys jealous, but then you’d get in a fight about how you work late all the time, and she would walk out on you, and you’d be heartbroken and crying, and.. no.. . never mind.. .. it’s too painful to talk about.. ..

40. You would seriously consider quitting if the boss cut off your Netscape privileges.

41. You actually say “I don’t have time to date somebody right now. I have a deadline to meet!”

42. Your favorite coffee cup has some Unix or SGI logo on it.

43. You criticize “Reboot” because they don’t render the shadows.

4. You own a Nerf weapon of some sort and keep it next to your desk.

45. You find you’re the only one left in the theater watching ALL the final credits.

46. Most of your wardrobe consists of t-shirts from various animation studios.

47. You have more recruiters calling you than most college football players.

48. Programmers walk around with necklaces made of the ears of those who find bugs in the system.

49. You speak to no one unless they submit their message via e-mail.

50. When you name your pet something stupid like “GIF” or “WEB”

51. You point at the movie/TV screen and blurt out, “We did that”.

52. Your CD collection triples in size every year.

53. Your importance is measured by the number of people that you are on a first name basis with that work in the industry. “Hey, George (Lucas). How’s the the ol’ R2-unit!”

54. Half the people in your company eat nothing but alphalfa sprouts and raw bran.

55. Bottled water is a staple of daily life.

56. When you ask for an office with a window, they laugh at you.

57. When you get your office with a window in it, it’s Windows `95.

58. Family, what family?

59. Your office attire consists of ripped jeans, a Simpsons t-shirt, and a pair of sandles.

60. You’ve got a stack of 5 or more little tin boxes of Altoids somewhere near your desk.

61. The weekly massage lady awaits you.. .. .. .. .. Ahhhhhhhhh.. .. .

62. You actually feel a twinge of guilt if you don’t go to work during the weekend.

63. Every day around 4:30, you have the urge to throw off all your clothes and run willy-nilly through the hallways screaming “LOOK OUT! I’M MANIMAL!! PART MAN, PART ANIMAL!! GROWL GROWL!!!” oh, wait, maybe that’s just me.. .

64. Every time your computer crashes, you perform a voodoo ritual to purge the bad joo-joo involving a Twinkie, 14 thumbtacks, some flat Fresca, and a lock of Nipsey Russel’s hair.

65. You make fun of the new guy who is still using JOT instead of VI, and call him imaginative names like “Jotboy”

66. You’ve got to plan your vacation at least a year in advance so it doesn’t conflict with a deadline.

67. Every time you switch companies, your salary goes up more than your parents’ yearly income.

68. You’d rather have your head stapled to the rug than wear a business suit to work.

69. Frappuccino has taken over your life and has you driving to the Coffee shop every twenty minutes to get your fix of that amazing, cold, smooth, tempting, tasty.. .. OOooo.. .. must fight urge.. .. . can’t lift arms.. .. .. . must get .. .. . Frap.. pucc.. .. AAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhh.. .. .. ..

70. You find yourself touching buttons, punching keys, toggling mice, and looking at monitors LIKE you care.

71. You consider the sunset on your Mailbox to be “scenery”.

72. You spend more time customizing your window icons than talking to other members of the human race.

73. You’ve got more soundbites in your home space than Herbie Hancock.

74. You feel no shame in saying “I’ve spent the past 3 weeks tweaking the fur shaders on the bunny’s tail. ”

75. It’s not at all uncommon for you to go grocery shopping at 11:30 pm, and you only buy stuff like “Hot Pockets” or frozen burritos.

76. You truly believe that the ad would look so much better if only those idiot clients would just shut up and let you do the job.

77. Most of your communication with old friends is forwarded joke e-mail.

78. You’ve actually signed and forwarded that “Save Sesame Street” petition.

79. You’ve got a 30 second sound clip of the Simpsons or Beavis & Butthead that plays every time e-mail arrives.

80. Your only hopes for dating are:
1) If somebody really great HAPPENS to start working at the company. This rarely succeeds, because you both know how many hours you have to work all the time.
2) Somebody really great works in/near the same building as you. This rarely succeeds, because they’ll soon learn what a complete workaholic you are.
3) You’re hit by a bus, forget everything about your former life, fall in love, and live happily ever after in the countryside, raising emus for fun and profit. This rarely happens, because people usually die after being hit by buses.

81. Your computer’s name becomes more and more complicated as the years go by: “Yep, I’m working on a new Indigo 2 Extreme Sudden Impact Raptor Talon with Cheese. ”

82. Cups, pens, co-workers have permanently adhered to your desk from all the soda you’ve spilt on it.

83. You enjoy the free breakfast and lunch every.. .. .. . oh, wait.. . that’s just Dreamworks. Darn!

84. People call you by your login-in name, a name that you haven’t used since you were two.

85. Your company’s name has something like “Dream” or “Quest” or something silly nilly in it having to do with dreaming or sleeping or some other biological function.

86. All the Art Directors have Mad Cow Disease.. .. well at least you wish they did.




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