Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 – Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 - X BOX 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 - X BOX 360

Well EA has released another year of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise, after the crap show that was 2009 I was hesitant about purchasing this version as I just did not want any more of the ridiculous AI and pointless use of the controller as the game has a tendency to make up it’s own mind where the ball is going to go.

So a few months after the release of the game I was done with my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 X-Box 360 so I caved in and decided to grab the newest version 2010. After loading the game up the first time I did notice some things that I liked better than the previous year. The interface was much better and the textures for the courses had gone up a level. Gone was the Tiger Challenge and replaced with the Tournament Challenge which seems to bypass the AI all together as the players shots in that you are against are preset in most of the events so you are playing against actual shots that have been made during past real PGA Tournaments.

This was a welcome surprise in the game and I played through a few of the courses and challenges to build up some skills and some cash to buy equipment before tackling the event calender for the PGA Tour season.

At this point I am impressed with the game and the new precision putting tool is awesome, far more intuitive than the old putting system. More control over the power of you putt but the same control over reading the line. The RB preview of the putting path is spotty at best and I would not bank important putts on this pre read of the lie. It like the games in previous years I found to randomly decided to show the wrong path during a very important putt.

I am not going to be writing much more detail in the review as I only got two rounds in the season before I realized just how incredibly pathetic the game this year is. EA in all the great idiocity has made the rubber band AI and random crap shot even worse than ever this year. Wind of 7mph randomly has the same affect as a hurricane gale on your ball flight. My character was pretty decked out after playing through some of the Tournament Challenges and I had 10-11 in all attributes (Including some Beginner equipment giving some boosts). Not a bad character and should fare well in tournaments.

The second tournament “The Buick Invitational” was when I realized that EA has really butchered this badly. I played 4 incredible rounds of golf in the game only to end up T5 at -30 with Tiger Woods finishing at -40 for the win. Are you kidding me where the hell do these scores come from? He finished round 3 at -28 but when we started round 4 he had not completed any holes yet was at -30. Where the the magical -2 come from? Is there some 300Yrd Par 5 19th hole that was not available to anyone but him. I was in 2nd place at the end of the 3rd round at -23, So in theory Tiger Woods and I would be the last to start in the final round however this was not the case other players in the round Tee’d off behind me and jumped up the leader board as my character played through the round. Shooting a -7 to finish at -30 was only good enough to tie for 5th place in that tournament.

For all the effort that EA tried to put in to making this game more and more realistic and true to the real players with tournament mode etc. I would have figured that the season play would be more realistic and true scoring. I guess I gave EA Sports too much credit there cause this is the worst I have ever seen in the game. Good luck ever getting the achievement for winning all tournaments in a season when the AI scores obscenely high scores randomly while having players in lower position tee off behind you and pass you in the final round.

EA SCREWS THE POOCH ON TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 2009 . Total write off. Psyc3d.com score 2/10 and only a 2 because the graphics are better and there are some interesting add ons in this version. I have deducted all value in the game from the score because of the impossible rubber band AI.


When will EA Sports get their heads out of their collective A$$es and do something with the AI in this franchise. You have lost a customer EA I would rather not play golf videos games than to have to provide you with another penny of my money on whatever CRAP you decide to put out in 2011.2




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